Eyes, crimson eyes with silver pupils. The beast, come to life. It had spoken to her… It had said…” (252).

What can I say? Melissa de la Cruz is an author to watch out for! Next in the Blue Bloods series is Masquerade. I may be running a bit late in finding these books–but they may just be the next big thing! I am confident that almost anyone can be and will be pulled in with her  cliffhanger chapters–for people like me, that’s a problem because it means we can’t put the damn book down!

Masquerade picks up exactly where Blue Bloods left off and to find out where, you will have to read them both–and then maybe get suckered into reading the third installment! Who knows? Let’s just say, I would love to go to this place one day because it is absolutely breathtaking… in pictures.

Schuyler loves Jack. Oliver loves Schuyler. Jack loves Mimi. And Schuyler… well, she loves Oliver,  just not in the way he wishes she would–it keeps getting more and more complicated. Archangels in a coma and twins fighting for their other half–history repeating itself and boys and girls, sometimes, it just does not get any better than knowing that your life is uncomplicated.

New relationships are added to an already salad-like mix which makes for a nice getaway. However, if you find yourself going “Why in Hell did [insert a character name here] do that?” You are not alone. My roommates got a front row seat to me talking to the characters in the books–personally, I don’t like the character Mimi–she is well written in that way.

Some may find this book inappropriate for a variety of reasons–but remember at least one thing. This is a VAMPIRE novel. Society is pulled to vampires because they are sex symbols–wrong or right. Kirkus Reviews calls Masquerade “Tasty and alluring.” This I can sit down to and agree with. I can’t wait to read the following novels in the series and learn new details that will finally connect with the old. I’m giving Masquerade 4 out 5.