“The necklace. Lucifer’s Bane. The emerald hung in a chain over her heart. Somehow she had never returned it to her father‘s safe. Somehow she had gotten into the habit of wearing it everywhere.” (Pg. 61)

Perhaps long overdue. Once again, Melissa de la Cruz amazes me. I won’t lie though, Revelations is definitely not my favorite book in this series–but it is definitely jam packed with information which really helps you fill in the missing pieces.

However, there are many WTF moments. To be quite honest, I am going to need to read the Blue Bloods series again. While I do not mind taking notes–I actually enjoy it–for this being a teen/young adult book, you really have to pay attention. I would not generally say the following about a novel for young adults– it makes you think. You really have to pay attention to get every single detail, otherwise, you won’t understand the plot points or character developments within the novel.

Now, this Lucifer’s daughter business–I thought my Grandmother had it pegged down. Yeah. Nope. That title apparently has been given to one of the characters that I loved most. I’m quite sad actualy. I thought I was going to be able to hate Mimi Force even more–but that won’ t be happening unfortunately. Oh! And Jack Force–you are an Archie Andrews–Betty and Veronica. What the Hell man?! Really. Truly. What the Hell.

As you can tell, I’ve become more invested in this series than I previously thought I would be. If you like Amelia Atwater-Rhodes or Annette Kurtis-Clause, you’ll like this series. In any case, I did enjoy Revelations, I really did. Lots of turns and hella more twists. I’d say 3 or 3.5 out 5.