“‘Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel my breath upon your neck? My lips along your neck. The hard brush of teeth. The sweet, sharp pain of fangs. Your heart beating frantically against my chest. Your blood flowing into my veins. Sharing yourself. Giving me life. Knowing that I truly could not live without you, all of you'” (14).

Good things come to those who wait. Okay, there was not much waiting involved–the opportunity presented itself to head to a bookstore. Barnes and Noble. I really must tell you a story. On Friday, my roommate, Walter, wanted to go buy a book or two for his own reading collection. It was fate you see. Everyone was out for the day and we decided to head to a bookstore, not sure which one. First, we stopped to get a bite to eat and then drove into Olympia. We stop at Barnes and Noble, and walk in. Walter walks directly towards the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section and I follow because I don’t think I am going to buy anything today. I’m a poor college student–don’t judge me ;). Anyway, Walter stands in front of this shelf of books he has been extolling over the past two days. I am trying to stifle my snickering–it is pretty intense. I turn around to browse. There they are. After having nothing to read and definitely not getting any further through my 2010 Reading List, I could have cried. There sat Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. After walking away and coming back thirty times in a thirty minute period, I finally decided it was time to buy a new book. So, I grabbed the first book in the series, Guilty Pleasures, and walked towards the checkout counter. Just my luck–I am walking that direction and I see a brown hardcover notebook with cherry blossoms stretching across the front and back. Had to have it. Beautiful. Love it. I’m using it. Right now.

So, I wait my turn and finally go to pay for my book and notebook. I place them on the counter. Oh hell no. I get a look that just SCREAMS disapproval. Do I care? No. She quite obviously has a stick up her ass. I walk away with purchases in tow and we sit down at the little cafe on the side of the bookstore before grabbing drinks. A blended strawberry lemonade was my reading companion–YUMMY. For the next two hours, I plan on reading and enjoying cool refreshment compared to the heat storm outside. But Walter, bless his heart, has other plans. In the course of 45 minutes, I receive the history of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. Talking dolphins. TALKING DOLPHINS. More power to you. Lovith!! Anyway, we ended up leaving for home and then left again. This time we travelled to Cutter’s Point for coffee and some more time away from the flea bombed house. It was in the coffee shop that I freaked out.

RATS. You have got to be kidding me!! Rats the size of German Shepherds–Wererats–Lycanthropes. I hate rats and to be quite honest, there are only two rats that I will ever like and that is for two reasons: 1) They belong to my other roommate, Amanda; 2) They are fancy rats–6-8 inches long. None of this dog and human size rat business going on. These babies–Ellen & Portia are cute and cuddly, totally love their mommy. The rats in Guilty Pleasures, uh uh, nope! Thank you, Ms. Hamilton, you have scared the crap out of me.

So, if you have not guessed already, I really, really liked this book. I absolutely loved Anita’s inner monologue–actually kind of reminded me of Amanda. There were plenty of memorable quotes and characters–the mistress vampire was just bitchy, Jean Claude was charming, and Phillip… sweetest guy ever. Anita and I could totally hangout and loved the witty bickering. Loved the fight scenes–traditional vamp stuff, kick-ass. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. I give Guilty Pleasures 4 out of 5.