“It… burns him out. Profilers usually socialize only with the other profilers. I guess when you’re a man who stares at monsters every day, it’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t do that too.” (57)

Hello Readers! Let’s welcome back Eve Duncan of The Face of Deception fame. This is her second novel. Hell yes, thank you, Iris Johansen! This is the second time I have read this novel and the twists were amazing! The first time I read this, I could not foresee any of what was to happen in the end. Complete mind-blow. This entry might be short, between making dinner for roomie night, homework, and reading–I hope I can convince you that this is an amazing read!

In The Killing Game, the antagonist has done their homework on Eve and her long, lost daughter, Bonnie. Sick, sick, sick. Ms. Duncan has become involved with the FBI when there are nine skulls found at Georgia’s Talladega Falls. The sick thing is the serial killer knows that Eve can be convinced to believe that one of those skulls could be her little girl. Based on the previous novel, we all know Eve’s determination to bring Bonnie home so she can receive a proper burial and Eve can have some closure. But… the FBI does not bring closure obviously–this is the second in a series of many.

So… the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. I won’t say much about this in the event they feel I am going to breach national security. In any case, before I became an English major, I believed I was destined to become a Criminologist and FBI Agent. I wanted to be a part of something huge and I loved picking at criminal’s minds. I did so much research on what the career would entail, I was determined. And then I figured out that while I loved the idea of being a criminologist, I was doing it to make everybody else happy. Also, I began to wonder about how much danger I could put my family in and how much of my work I would end up taking home with me. At the end of the day, I would not be myself if I allowed everything that happened at the job to internalize within me. I applaud those who are able to do their job and do it well. Long story short, English was an impulse decision. And I love it.

Total shipperness for my two favorite characters–Eve and Joe–whoop whoop!! He told Logan he would not give up on Eve–he didn’t–now he just needs to keep her!! Granted, they have a moment, but some moments don’t mean a thing. We shall see. I was rooting for them when I first read this novel and I hope they get married or something–Permanence please!!

In any case, this novel was amazing! Johansen does a great job writing her characters and her word choice is superb. I want to get back into the habit of giving other crtitics’ thoughts, so here goes:

Kirkus Reviews states, “The second of Johansen’s suspensers starring Eve Duncan (The Face of Deception, 1998), a forensic sculptor who shapes human faces from the skulls of murder victims…. Johansen creates some nonconformist women characters along with heroes as devoted to them as golden retrievers.”

I am giving Iris Johansen’s The Killing Game a 3.5/4 out of 5. Such a great novel! 🙂

Happy reading!!