This entry will be a bit different than the others–I get to fit FIVE novels into one review! I found out about the Mercy Thompson series thanks to my roommate during sophomore second semester. I read through them so fast that I caught up with my then roomie and when she finished, I plowed through that one as well. So let’s see, five books, one entry. Pretty much, mini reviews for all. You will have to trust me in the amazingness that is the Mercy Thompson series. Patricia Briggs is a genius!

Moon Called
Meet Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson. Shifter and bad-ass extraordinaire. Oh, and she’s a mechanic. Friend to werewolves, the Fae, ghosts, and vampires. Hahaa, yes! So anyway, this novel was filled with action and an obvious underlying love triangle between three characters. Love Briggs’ characters–was so sad that Mac died. Enter Adam, the very well written Alpha male in a werewolf pack that lives next to Mercy. Lots of different kinds of tension–it was wonderful. I will give Moon Called a 4/4.5 out of 5. 🙂

Blood Bound

Vampire-centric. I would say hell yes, however, these vampire are nasty pieces of work. Mercy is back and this time she is helping her vampire friend, Stefan, with a vampire that is visiting from outside his Mistress’ seethe or coven. Only, things are definitely not as they appear. Let me put it this way, werewolves, vampires, and Fae all have a wonderful thing called politics, and if you think the politics of our world are messed up–you won’t know what to think of these. In any case, Mercy gets mixed up with a vampire that is not only a vampire, but also a wizard who is  a wee bit past crazy–so, in short, the thing is horrifying and downright extreme! This novel does some more exploration of an old relationship with Samuel and Mercy, and the blooming of something new with our heroine and Adam. Blood Bound gets 4/4.5 out 5.

Iron Kissed
In this installation, Mercy is dealing with the Fae. Those of magical folklore. Note to readers: Never say thank you to the Fae–they will take it as you are indebted to them and that will just allow them to play games with you. Games that will kill you. Catch my drift? Good. Now that we have that covered, Zee, Mercy’s Fae boss, needs her help to solve a murder on the Fae reservation. Then Zee gets accused of the murder which was totally bizarre. However, upon finding out who the real killer is, things begin to go south really fast for Mercy. The last few chapters were really hard to read because of the subject matter–rape–but it was handled well. There is conflict between Adam and Mercy because he has declared her his mate and she is not sure who she wants. I give Iron Kissed a 4/4.5 out of 5.                                    

Bone Crossed
Vampires and the Fae are all sorts of bad, but this time, Mercy is… well, I will say this nicely–up shit’s creek without a paddle. Stefan has been sent to Mercy really messed up as a warning that his Mistress is going to hurt Mercy for events that happened in  Blood Bound. An old friend of Mercy’s comes into the picture and in comes a vampire that is horrible, nasty, just all bad! Characters from B.B. return and bring issues full circle. Issues between Mercy and Adam have gotten much better, thank God. Samuel is sinking quicker and quicker into a desire to not live anymore, which for a werewolf, just does not happen. Anyway, loved Bone Crossed and it gets 4/4.5 out of 5.

Silver Borne

“I slid slowly down the wall, bringing him with me as his skin stretched and the bones moved. Watching a wolf change is not a beautiful thing.” (169)

So, so, so amazing! I am so lying if I say I am just a fan. Get ready, fan-girl squeal: Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I think this particular novel is my favorite so far. No dealings with vampires in this one and the fae are few, thankfully! Never thought I would change my mind when it came to vampires and werewolves–but for this series, I would sooo be a werewolf’s girlfriend. Now that you are probably eeked by me…

Samuel has gotten worse and it is so sad–buuut… things are looking way up for Samuel by the end of the novel. I typically would not give away the ending, but that is just one part of the ending–so relax. 😉 I really can’t wait for Briggs’ new installments. Ms. Briggs, please hurry!! Hmm… this time around Mercy has not really done anything to antagonize anyone. She just has something that the Fairy Queen wants. As usual, Briggs’ descriptions and her content have worked we together to make something AMAZING. Her characters are so alive and do not necessarily fit the stereotypes set down by society at large. I am enjoying the characters that are slowly but surely being added to the series and I can only imagine how huge the final installment will be–I mean, you can’t really just stop Mercy Thompson.

There’s so much action and a bit of romance for those of us who enjoy that 😉 😉 Briggs goes into more detail about the mate bond between Mercy and Adam which is oh-so-helpful when thinking about how Adam acts when he feels that something is wrong with Mercy. The pack bond he forged with her is also helpful. Love it!! I am giving Briggs’ Silver Borne a 4/4.5 out of 5. I love this series!

“In the increasingly crowded field of kick-ass supernatural heroines, Mercy stands out as one of the best.”–Locus