Hi Readers,

I’m sad to say that until I am able to come up with 30 hour days for a week, there will not be any new book reviews… Six classes, four are literature. Instead, I bring you something different. For the next thirty days, I am engaging myself in a photographic series that I’m calling… “Love, Me (Thirty Days, Thirty Photos).” Usually, I would give you a list of the different parts to whatever is going on… but this time, I’d like to try to not do that. I hope you are able to enjoy what is presented in place of the previous entries about books. Afterall, it is not forever…

Day 01: A Picture of Yourself with Ten Facts

1. I love taking photos of myself and enjoy editing them to suit a certain song, mood–some kind of theme.

2. I’m a fan of many kinds of music.

3. That being said, I absolutely love to sing, write songs… engross myself in the feelings the song emits.

4. Avid learner. I will look up extra information about a particular subject and continue reading until I believe I have credible knowledge and a need to share said information.

5. I’m incredibly unsure of myself in certain areas of my life. On any given day, you can hear me say something about myself that might be a bit more than mean.

6. If I don’t have any particular place to be, I actually enjoy being out and about– and lost.

7. There is nothing like being in bed or on the couch curled up with a good book. 😉

8. I have hazel eyes. It was a very long time before I actually came to terms with the fact that I have the same color eyes as my father. I have since decided that I am not him and my eyes are not his.

9. I love my friends and family deeply. But I’m very guarded around them and people in general. Here’s something positive though: I’m working on letting down my guard and loving myself even on my worst day.

10. This might be seem bizarre, but if you are looking at this picture, and reading this list, I want you to get to know me. Not necessarily, knowing me so well that you know what I do when I’m formulating an answer or when I’m pissed off (although, if you do know me that well, thank you for your patience)… but enough so that we have some understanding of each other. I like getting to know people… and I’m hoping that you have enough patience to do that. ♥

Thanks for reading,
Miss Nolaleigh