Hi Readers,

Before you go crazy with questions, hear me out. For my 14th birthday, my mum paid a woman to put braids in my hair. Reserving the day for my hair, she went out and bought pink, purple, blue, black, blonde, and red extensions. A friend came over and then at 7 am the next morning we arrived at this woman’s apartment, and the braiding began. I was able to get three breaks in–every five hours. When all was said and done, my friend had fallen asleep, and I’d found it had taken 15 hours for the woman braiding my hair to get through all of my hair. We got home around 10:30 pm, and what to my surprise should await me–more friends had come over! 🙂 Sleeping was not easy that night. My head felt bruised, so I slept with my arms under my forehead.

Day 04 - A picture of a night you'll remember.

The next day we (my four friends and I) went to the mall where I was followed by some guy who eventually told me that my hair was beautiful. Anyways, couple days later in PE class, a friend and I were bored, so we counted the braids. The end result was 363. By the end of my first week with braids, people were calling me Lil’ Skittle thanks to what they called ‘rainbow braids.’ I ended up keeping them in for alittle over a month and, if I’m being honest, I miss having them sometimes. Maybe again someday…

❤ Nolaleigh