Hi Readers,

“I’m not always strong, and sometimes I’m even wrong, but I win when I choose, and I can’t stand to lose, but I can’t always be, the rock that you see…”– Shania Twain “The Woman in Me”

Everyone is insecure about something… and sometimes it is the most bizarre thing to be worried about. And other times… no matter how crazy or insignificant the insecurity might seem, it is always at the back of your mind–an irritating scritch-scratch.

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

My biggest insecurity is not being enough. Not being enough to myself, to others… not being enough emotionally, psychologically, physically. Everyone I know says that I always seem to “have it all together.” Long story short, not being enough on any level keeps me on edge all the time, so I am constantly hyper-aware of anything I say or do. That being said, any other insecurity I might have branches out from feeling like I might not be enough–whether that means abandonment, rejection, failures… it all stems from that feeling. Here’s to hoping you never feel this way~

❤ Nolaleigh