Hi Readers,

Everything else aside, 2011 was an incredibly busy, shocking, and memorable to say the very least. There were some really good times… and definitely some really bad times. More than any other year, I discovered things about myself and other people… I think it might almost be tragic to discover what I have. That being said, I’ve also received a renewed want to blog.

I know. I’ve posted countless entries about how I need to do this, accept that. challenge them, drop a “friend” like a hot rock, etc. This is not that kind of post. This is… a promise to myself that if I so desire to post something, I will make time to do so. On that note, I’m not going to discuss everything I’ve been up to since June, and I certainly won’t ramble on about school.. too much.

School began and like a rocket, I was gone. You can imagine what happens when you take 18 credits and work. Study? Sleep? Social life? Typically, I’ve heard you are allowed to choose two. I got to pick one, and despite being on the verge of a meltdown by the middle of the semester, I pulled through and finished this semester’s classes: Biology and Biology Lab, PE, Government and Politics of Asia, Choir, History of the Cold War, Medieval European History, and English Senior Thesis. Technically, I’ve not yet finished Thesis. I will defend in the Spring before I graduate. This coming semester, I am taking: Intermediate Creative Writing, Early Modern European History, Modern Latin American History, Choir, Applied Voice Lessons, PE, Government and Politics of Europe. I am already reading much of the material for a couple of the courses. I think it is better to read them now because if I don’t do it now, I won’t do it when I’m actually supposed to.

Okay… I lied. I rambled. Happy New Year–I wish you happiness and love.