Hey there,

After a rather long hiatus, I’ve returned to WordPress.

Part of the reason for staying away was school and all it entailed (I have since graduated!!). The other reason was the negativity I was receiving. I understand that by putting your words out on the web, you open yourself up to whatever people think, etc. However, I didn’t think I would need to post this particular entry because I believed it to be common courtesy or just being a decent individual that you don’t say certain things. I guessed wrong. After being criticized and attacked for a particular entry, I decided to stay away for a bit and collect my thoughts.

I don’t like being called names. Nobody does. Therefore, just because you do not agree with what has been written, does not give you the right to call me or anyone else something derogatory; making us think less of ourselves. Yes, we have a beautiful thing called freedom of speech, etc, but is it absolutely necessary for you to say things to someone when the outcome only hurts and doesn’t help them? I guess this is why I disagree with radical honesty (I know there are reasons behind why some participate, but there are those few who take it way too far).

Having an opinion is great. Everyone has one–juts means that your opinion is your’s and is ultimately no better than the next. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me–it makes for awesome conversations–but leave it at that.

If you’re going to blog surf all day, great, I hope you find something that catches your attention. If you’re going to do that and be a bully, leave my page. There’s more to life than misery loving company.

If you’re reading this and decide you want to read more of my blog or someone else’s… keep your potential comments constructive.