Soo I browsed around. Found this nifty little questionnaire–I like them. They are in list form and not complicated. Anyway, I am in the process of getting ready for school to start up again–this means my entries, already fairly slow, will now be extremely slow.


Do you remember learning to read? What early memories of learning to read stand out in your mind?
I actually don’t remember. For as long as I can remember I’ve been reading. I remember looking at pictures and then being able to read… but I don’t remember the learning process. So sad… the process of learnin to read is so frustrating for some–I often wonder how it was for me.

Did you like to read when you were a child?
I think I did. For awhile I preferred to be read to–but when I began to really get into reading, there was no stopping me from reading multiple books of varying genres at a time.

Did your parents or other adults read to you a lot when you were little? Do you remember any favorite storybooks?
My mum read to me while I was in the womb and then to put me to sleep at night. I loved the Golden books that were about everything from Disney stories to expanded story rhymes.

Do your parents read often?  What do they read?
My mum doesn’t read as much as she used to because she’s a tad busy with life. She likes novels by Nora Roberts and I believe she is reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden right now.

Do you like to read for pleasure at all? If so, what kinds of things do you read?
I love to read all kinds of genres–historical fiction and nonfiction, supernatural, true crime, psychological thrillers, Harry Potter. Alot of variety. 🙂

If you do not like reading, when did you begin to dislike or have trouble with reading?
I’ve never disliked reading–that I know of. It was frustrating when I began reading ethnic literature and I wasn’t sure how certain words were pronounced. But I love the challenge of learning a foreign language. 

Estimate the number of books you own.  How many of those books matter to you?
Oh. I think that I own approximately 200 books, maybe a little less. They all matter to me. I’ve received them through family and friends.

Estimate the number of books in your household.
I could not even begin to tell you. There are four other people who live here currently. 🙂

What are some of your personal interests?  Do you remember reading anything in connection with any of these interests?  Explain.
History–particularly the Tudor time period, psychology, criminology, supernatural phenomena. I read about the things I am interested in. 🙂

Will improving your reading skills be helpful to you?  Why or why not?
I major in English, so if I were to improving anything–whether it be reading or writing, whatever–it is always a good. Always room for improvement.


Do you consider yourself a slow or a fast reader?
It depends on what I am reading. There are some novels where I read slowly because I want to take in all of the details. There are other novels where it  takes me only a couple of hours–say… Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyers.

What kinds of reading have you had  trouble finishing in school?
Two particular novels that gave me hell would be Moby Dick by Herman Melville, and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

Do you spend a lot of time re-reading? Do you ever give up on reading assignments because they take too long? Explain.
It really depends on how boring the novel is. If it is really good, no re-reading necessary. Now, if it bores me to tears… say Moby Dick and Robinson Crusoethere is A LOT of re-reading.


Do you have trouble staying focused while you read? Explain.
If it is boring, it is difficult to stay focused. If I am extremely stressed about something, then it is also difficult to stay on track.

Do you often find yourself thinking of other things as you read? Try to explain what you experience when you are trying to read.
Reading is my all expense paid vacation from reality, whenever, wherever. When I am reading a novel or short story, I am there and nowhere else.

When you read at home or school, do you have trouble blocking out distractions, such as noise? Do you listen to music or watch TV when you are studying or reading?
I love my family, but they are LOUD. 🙂
Living with them has allowed me the ability to multi-task and/or block out the background noise, haha.

What kinds of reading material do you find most difficult to understand? Why do you think these types of reading are difficult for you?
Anything math and/or science related in regards to biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Biology becomes easier as I grow older. These forms do not interest me, so I get bored, in turn, it is not easy for me to understand.

Do you ever feel that you are understanding while you are reading, but are unable to remember the information once you are done? Explain.
I remember a good deal of everything, even if I do not want to. If I understand it, I remember it. If there is some difficulty involved, I remember it, but there is also a greater need to remember it so I can work towards understanding whatever it might be.

Do you visualize, or see pictures in your head, while you are reading? What kinds of reading material do you find easiest to visualize?
Seeing. For me, visualizing things in my head is part of the beauty of reading. There is not an exact science and label to everything. The author says something is tall or blue–how tall and how light or dark is the blue? Reading is one of those things where I love a grey area because it allows me to see things how I would see them. I believe anything can be visualized in your head. 🙂