The Van Alen Legacy Friday, Aug 20 2010 

“When you had lived for thousands of years, going through your memories was like trying to find a contact lens in a pile of glass” (51).

Warning: Spoilers ahead. I’m not going to lie–I screamed when this came in at the library. And my friends, it did not disappoint. I–for the FIRST TIME EVER–wanted to be caught making my suprise face. Crazy probably–damn near scared Amanda. 🙂 So much happened in this novel, it  is definitely more jam packed than the first three: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, and Revelations. I did not put it down except to go to sleep–it only took me a day to finish 368 pages of speechlessness.

I was not sure what to think about each chapter belonging to the three central female characters: Schuyler, Bliss, and Mimi. However, prior to this post I would have spit at the character named Mimi–evil. This novel changed all of that. I can’t tell you why–just that you may or may not, depending on your tolerance level, have more patience with her during Misguided Angel.

And then there’s Jack Force. Dude! Why, why, why! I spent the first part of his appearance banging my head against a wall because Schuyler had already made a choice–it was not okay. So frustrating. I will not be shy about this though–I’ve secretly been rooting for Jack and Schuyler since he made his first appearance in Blue Bloods. All I’m going to say is this: If my love life ever becomes three-people complicated, Houston, we will have a problem. I need to find someone who has read this book so I can gush over it with them–I know, I know–how teen-like. I don’t care. :) Shout out to my friend, Kala: Girl, hurry and read these books!!!

Onto my homegirl, Schuyler. I’m so happy she has been able to learn the use of her powers in the year she and Oliver have been on the run. I feel bad for her though–Jack and Oliver. Same story, different day. I think it is just a matter of of getting to the events that will FORCE her to make a final decision… or maybe someone can make one for her. How do you say complicated: We have a Mimi, Jack, Schuyler triangle. Then we have a Oliver, Schuyler, Jack triangle. Oh goodness!!

I just can’t get over the use of biblical references and historical events. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love almost anything history–European history–America is too young. But to mix Bible stories with historical events–Oh my God–match made in Heaven. Props to you, de la Cruz–you are amazing.

On another note, this novel holds true to the quotes at the very beginning of the novel:

The murdered do haunt their murderers.
– Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything….
– Evanescence, “Bring Me to Life”

In that, I was quite content to find out that two characters have made a return. Granted, one of them did not make a permanent return–RIP Dylan. I am glad those Silver Bloods can do no more harm to you. And I will not say the other character’s name–you will definitely have to read this novel to discover that information.

There has been a great deal of character development. It has been so touching to see characters make choices they would not have had to make a year ago. De la Cruz has written her characters well. I am really, truly excited for Misguided Angel–the fifth and possibly final book in the series. Loose ends are being tied up and one day, I will re-read the Blue Bloods series; pulling my own loose ends of the novel together. For more information on the books and any spin-offs, click here. The Van Alen Legacy gets a 4 out of 5. Superb writing.

“Thank you for loving me enough to let me go” (365).

Masquerade Tuesday, Jun 8 2010 

Eyes, crimson eyes with silver pupils. The beast, come to life. It had spoken to her… It had said…” (252).

What can I say? Melissa de la Cruz is an author to watch out for! Next in the Blue Bloods series is Masquerade. I may be running a bit late in finding these books–but they may just be the next big thing! I am confident that almost anyone can be and will be pulled in with her  cliffhanger chapters–for people like me, that’s a problem because it means we can’t put the damn book down!

Masquerade picks up exactly where Blue Bloods left off and to find out where, you will have to read them both–and then maybe get suckered into reading the third installment! Who knows? Let’s just say, I would love to go to this place one day because it is absolutely breathtaking… in pictures.

Schuyler loves Jack. Oliver loves Schuyler. Jack loves Mimi. And Schuyler… well, she loves Oliver,  just not in the way he wishes she would–it keeps getting more and more complicated. Archangels in a coma and twins fighting for their other half–history repeating itself and boys and girls, sometimes, it just does not get any better than knowing that your life is uncomplicated.

New relationships are added to an already salad-like mix which makes for a nice getaway. However, if you find yourself going “Why in Hell did [insert a character name here] do that?” You are not alone. My roommates got a front row seat to me talking to the characters in the books–personally, I don’t like the character Mimi–she is well written in that way.

Some may find this book inappropriate for a variety of reasons–but remember at least one thing. This is a VAMPIRE novel. Society is pulled to vampires because they are sex symbols–wrong or right. Kirkus Reviews calls Masquerade “Tasty and alluring.” This I can sit down to and agree with. I can’t wait to read the following novels in the series and learn new details that will finally connect with the old. I’m giving Masquerade 4 out 5.