“The last time Elizabeth and Rosie had gone on a hike together, Elizabeth had brought up there friends-with-benefits business, not for the first time.” (Pg. 36)

I hate saying this. I never, ever like saying I do not like a book–again with that thing called propriety. I did not like Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott. Click here to view Barnes and Noble’s synopsis. Here is how much I disliked it–I made it to Chapter 2, and could not continue. I had to fight to get through Chapter 1.

To be quite honest, this novel hit way close to home. Substance abuse, fear of losing a child, paying too much attention, not paying enough attention… an assortment of things. She addressed many issues that occur within many families today. Maybe some parents might find this book helpful to some extent in learning how to cope with whatever may or may not be going on.

However, that is not why I did not like it. The subject matter was interesting and very real. I just could not get over her writing style. I liked Bird by Bird, which was a novel for beginning writers–but they are very different styles of writing. I became bored very quickly, sadly. In that, I give Imperfect Birds a 2/2.5 out of 5. Click here for a review from the Washington Post.